Matt Carroll Atlanta Braves

Matt Carroll Atlanta Braves

Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan

Matt Carroll Atlanta Braves has assisted clients as a Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management in Philadelphia since December 2018. He credits his years of experience in the hectic world of sports administration for giving him the ability to assist clients in achieving their objectives as a very successful financial advisor. Carroll was a baseball manager for 12 years, seven with the Atlanta Braves and five with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was active in all facets of the business, including recruiting players, establishing the roster, scouting, and managing relationships.

Carroll exhibited his capacity to establish connections and nurture them into enduring, fruitful relationships while playing professional sports. He also developed his project management, business development, and financial judgment abilities. Carroll excels in his work with various investors at all levels because of his exceptional communication skills and thorough attention to detail. He takes the time to comprehend each client's unique objectives so that he can assist them in creating a strategy to achieve their goals.

Role & Tasks at the Moment

With the help of high-net-worth clients, Matthew Carroll creates investing and wealth-planning solutions. Carroll guides his clientele, who are professional athletes, through each stage of the wealth-building process, starting with the recruitment stage, using his understanding of professional athletes and their families. He also looks after his customers off the field by providing specialized concierge services. One of those services is assisting his clients in establishing successful alliances with organizations, trainers, and coaches. He keeps an eye on his client's long-term and short-term investments to ensure they adhere to the individualized financial plan.

Carroll has a unique background among financial advisors, yet his experiences working with CEOs in various businesses benefit from his encounters with top-tier professional athletes. He comprehends the sense of urgency that an athlete could experience when injuries have the potential to end a career early. When the stock market and company boards are subject to sudden changes, executives at the pinnacle of their earning potential could experience a comparable strain. Matthew Carroll may assist customers in achieving crucial objectives, including balancing assets and liabilities, planning for retirement, and transferring wealth to the next generation.

While looking after his present clients comes first, Matthew Carroll also puts a lot of effort into finding new clients that could profit from his expertise and experience. To find new clients, he employs prospecting and referral techniques. Carroll shows prospective clients how well he will take care of their financial prospects using tailored presentations and performance benchmarks. The recommendation of their professional and personal contacts is the highest compliment his clients can bestow, and he regards that trust as holy.


With a minor in business administration and a Bachelor of Arts in communications, Matthew Carroll left Pennsylvania State University in 2005. He maintained his schooling while working as a Wealth Advisor, his current occupation. Carroll holds several highly coveted credentials and certifications, such as the FINRA SIE/Series 6 license, FINRA Series 7 license, and NASAA Series 66 license, as a sign of his commitment to his clients.


From his time as a college student, Matt Carroll Atlanta Braves has made several noteworthy accomplishments that are reflected in his past. He received a baseball scholarship and went to the University of Maryland in College Park. Later, he switched to Pennsylvania State University, where he competed at the Division 1 level for four years. He earned four varsity letters and served as team captain his senior year. Carroll was also awarded numerous scholarships and academic honors. After graduating from college in 2006, Caroll attended the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau Scout School and placed first in his division.

When it comes to his work with major league baseball, Matthew Carroll is very proud of two achievements. When the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series in 2006, he was a member of the organization's management staff. Carroll relocated to the Atlanta Braves organization in 2010 to serve as the Special Assistant to General Manager after leaving St. Louis. The youngest player in Major League Baseball at the time was Matthew Carroll of the Atlanta Braves.

Involvement with charities

Matthew Carroll is proud of his charitable efforts for the neighborhood. He frequently donates his time, talents, and money to various causes dear to him. His favorite charities are the Tony LaRussa Animal Rescue Foundation and the annual Phillies Festival, which raises money for ALS. Carroll also contributed to planning a 5k run to raise money for ovarian cancer research.

Individual Interests

Carroll is committed to his clients, but he also values his downtime. Outside of work, Matthew Carroll enjoys spending time with his wife, Ali, and son, Colin, at their Flourtown, Pennsylvania, home. He enjoys fishing and snow skiing when he has a few spare hours. Beach excursions with friends and family are frequent components of vacations. Carroll enjoys keeping himself occupied and engaged in his personal and business lives.